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Working with private and early-stage companies since 2013

Ascent works with private companies in a wide variety of sectors and across different stages of growth. We are not limited to a specific sector or theme, but search for value wherever it presents itself. With offices in Hong Kong and the United States, we bring a global perspective to early-stage investing and private transactions. 

Ascent is unlikely to participate in a broad auction process or invest in a start-up idea without a business plan. We believe in finding specific situations where we can add value and in backing management teams who are committed to rolling up their sleeves and executing on the vision. We look to partner with companies through their capital raising curve.

Our team brings a wealth of financing and private investment experience. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions about our business or our investments. 

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Venture Investing

We invest early and work with companies through multiple capital raises. We can participate in both start-up Angel rounds and subsequent financings as we evaluate each potential investment on its own merits.

Private Placements

Our licensed brokers in the US and Hong Kong offer investors a select list of compelling fund opportunities and unique direct investments. We work with high net-worth individuals, family offices, and institutions to find suitable investments. 


We leverage our experience and network to assist clients. Our Hong Kong advisor can assist in negotiating transaction documents or making business introductions and connections, we always seek to create incremental value.